Sad people

As it has become more and more apparent that the 48% want more and more redidtribution of wealth.  This is not a profound statement but is sad truth.  Where have we messed up letting our children know the good feeling that you get from hard work and accomplishment that comes from WORK.  Are there any people out there that are not rich but swtill feel the surge of excitement that comes from doing something that they can be proud of not for the riches but for the God given talent that is inherent in each of us.  I believe that we started to loose this ability when we insisted there were no winners in life only players, be it sports, school work, grades ,work, or any number of other endeavers.  By destroying the competition in life then there is no need to excel, we are the same anyway.   Well we are all the same but just not in every facet of life.   

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What are the chances?

What are the chances that you really know the person you are voting for?  There are ways, but you expect their opponent to be critical.  So what is the safe course of action,  my dad always said he needed to look a man in the eyes to know if he was trustworthy, If he looked (and felt)right he had one chance.  Now that was in a much simpler time I’m sure,  But people know inherently when things just don’t seem right.  If they don’t seem right at least ask more questions and get to the bottom of those feeling before making those decisions , and  before making it at the polls in Nov.

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Is your elected official the one you voted for?

How do you know that your elected official at the county level is acting like the guy you voted for at election time? I guess you can just wait to see what comes out as the mandates flow from the office.  You can listen to the people who are spinning the results and cherry picking the happenings, or you can go to the parker web site and spend the time to read a little.  The transcripts from commisioners court are there.  read them!  it’s your money that is supporting the activities that occur there.

Now not all can be learned from what is said in court,  there are attitudes, nuances, and gestures that you can’t read.  If you read something that is interesting that happened in court you ought to see the action.  I don’t why I expected a stong business like demeanor to prevail in court, with each comm. preswenting the facts in a persuasive business conjuring support for positions on budgeting and funding and other projects that  are entertained by the comm’s.  Not so,  the simplest  questions could erupt a firestorm of personal project stances.  Stances in my opinion that should be backed by fact based  discussion. However, what really happens is not supported in court.

Things that I have learned;  not all roads in the county even though similar or the same,  do not cost the same ask why and the protectionism steps in and the fight begins, be specific and you are personally attacking a particular person or his crews or if they can get away with they will shrug you off with a ‘you just don’t understand’  Well, explain it to me, I’m paying you.

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There are many people at the county level that are totally unaware of the rifts that are going on and should be stopped by the voters.  How is that done?  By finding a true source of information that you trust or go the meetings.  The source of truth is definitely tough to find.  What I hear and what you hear may be the same words but could be completely different in meaning.  As though we were not at the same meeting at all.  It will mostly be dependent on the frame of reference, the paradigm,  Nothing new here just needed to remind myself.

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Proud owners of a new county budget 2010-2011

well the good residents of Parker County are the proud recipients of a new 2010-2011 budget. 
Wonder if the court is willing to step up and explain what was done and why to the residents.  Some of the protectionist tactics used to strike down reductions in force was not the way to go even if they decided to furlough,Unpaid 3 days per year, does this equate to a real savings of anything?  they still have all their benefits as fixed cost that continue.  You can’t think that there is no cost to keeping someone on the payroll.


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Parker county commissioners court

I visited Commisioners court during budget discussions.  I was really not impressed with the process,  as it seemed awfully protectionist even though times are really tough for the people in the county.  There are times in all our lives that things must get smaller, even our budgets including the county services.  I believe in shared expense to a point, until the services that are provided are more for the few notthe many.  I believe that time has come to determine where it is that we get the most bang for the buck.  Who uses what service that we provide and pay for,  why isn’t there a user fee attached to , county clean up,  the plat office, just to name a couple.  Commisioner court could easily look for other limited use areas that could be added to this list.  Available resources are tangible and countable and should be distributed equally among all residents.  It is not serving the community for the many to support the demands  of the few.  Sounds like a little Ocare going on here.

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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